Newsletter-Feb 2019

Communal Boilers- Ekarro House

In December 2018 a Magna Clean was installed in the communal boiler room at Ekarro House. The Magana clean will collect all of the debris that is within the boiler system. It then can be clean on a regular basis and this will then prevent boiler breakdowns  and improve in the efficiency of the boilers


Phase 2 of the bathroom programme has recently been signed in Feb 2019 which is really good news . The bathrooms  in Barnbas Lodge will be the first bathrooms to be renewed in the  next stage of bathroom programme


The FMSC and MC are now in the process of agreeing the 2019-20 Budget

Property inspections

The Surveyor will be contacting you shortly to arrange a date to complete a property inspection . He will be checking the property for health and safety works and also compiling a record of the current state of the property. This will provide a record of future repair works that may be required

New Government Savings Account

The Government has launched a new saving account for people on low incomes and benefits. Please see further information below :

Credit Unions

Credit unions operate with three main aims:

  • to provide loans at low rates
  • to encourage all members to save regularly
  • to help members in need of financial advice and assistance.

Credit Unions act in the interests of all members and so try to ensure they don’t let their members take out loans they cannot pay back by assessing their income and, in some cases, how much they’ve been able to save. There’s also a cap on the amount of interest they can charge on their loans of 3% a monthh

Universal credits

Please see below further information about Universal credit from Shelter