AGM- October 2018

The 2017/18 year was a very busy period for the Co-op both for staff and the Committee members. This report highlights some of the key actions and activities that have been completed during 2017/18

Responsive Maintenance

During the year routine maintenance works has been carried out as required and within the response times.

Gas Servicing

A centralised spreadsheet is used to regularly monitor the gas servicing and gas cooker inspections. Ekarro has also employed Corgi consultants as a gas auditing consultant to advise the DOH and Committee on the standard of gas installation during the year

Planned Maintenance

Boiler replacement programme

Over the course of 2017/18 two domestic boilers were renewed in Ekarro properties

Fire Assessment works

The following Fire Assessment Works were carried out during the year:

Fire Risk Assessment inspections

Fire Risk Assessment was carried out at -64 Vauxhall Grove, 9 Bonington Sq.

21 Bonington Sq. Intermittent strips were installed at the communal doors at 64 Vauxhall Grove.  

Inspection of the communal electrics and upgrading the communal electric and lighting was completed at – 64 Vauxhall Grove, 9 Bonington Sq., 21 Bonington Sq. 2b Lorn road. Electric testing and update work took place at Irving Grove, and 37 Lorn road

Bathroom Replacement Programme

The bathroom replacement programme commenced during 2017-18. The following bathrooms were completed during the year: one in Ekarro House, two in 9 Bonington Sq.

A further eight will be completed during the 2018-19 year

Health and Safety works –Asbestos Inspection programme

The following communal areas were inspection for asbestos and found to be free of any asbestos materials: Mongdron house, Barnabas Lodge, Ekarro House. Three individual properties were also inspected in the three buildings


Over the course of the year staff have completed several cleaning inspections and have highlighted areas of concern to the cleaning company

Brockley Housing Co-op

Ekarro staff are working closely with Brockley Housing Co-op  .The Co-op shares housing  information and advice between the two Co-ops

Housing Management

As noted in chic’s in April 2017, the Co-op arrears stood at £42497 – 9.6% as at March 2018 they £46,881- 10.7 % an increase of 1.1% the staff will continue to make contact, monitor and take legal action on the arrears cases within the Co-op. Also, resident are referred to Step Change Debt Advice Agency to obtain assistance with rent and other debts the resident maybe having difficulties with


During 2017/18 the following legal actions were taken: four NTQ were served .one cases was referred to Lambeth Country Court and was given a suspended possession order. Additionally, letters, phone calls and office interview the staff conducted

Voids-there were no void properties during the year


Ekarro is both a member of Co-op UK and the small HA group- G320 and the DOH attends the quarterly 320 meetings

Sub Committee

The Management Committee, Finance and Maintenance Committee met regular throughout the year along with the Employment and bathroom Committees


During 2017/18 one volunteer was recruited and worked along with the staff team on areas such as estate inspection, low arrears cases, repairs, reception service.

Bathroom Replacement Programme

A Bathroom Committee has been formed during 2016 and it is working along with a Consultant and the Contractor ABC to commence a roiling programme of bathroom replacements starting in 2017. This will continue work during 2018 to complete an initial 10 bathrooms.

Working with Consultants

The DOH has worked with a Consultant who is advising on several new areas of work: the Ekarro roof works -as a replacement programme has to be put in place, renewals of some communal windows in Barnabas house.


A contract Accountant was hired in May 2017 to work on the company accounts and the annual accounts. A temporary surveyor was hired in September 2017 to assist the DOH with the planned works programme.


The DOH has continued to update the Ekarro website with the work occurring in Ekarro. Also, information on benefits, health and safety etc

Future areas of work for 2018/19

The DOH will continue to work on the following areas planned programme, fire works to Mondragon house, further fire assessment works and the bathroom replacement programme .and roof works at Ekarro house