Due to a technical issue we have not been receiving emails sent via the link below. If you have previously applied and haven’t heard back from us please apply again. The link below is now working.

Hello! Thanks for your interest in Ekarro.   We understand that housing is a prime concern for most low-income Londoners, but we are very limited in terms of what we can offer. We have a very small number of properties and infrequent vacancies to offer. We also have an agreement with Lambeth Council which means that we offer a percentage of our vacant properties to those already on their waiting list.

When we do get a vacancy, we allocate only to those in housing need and prioritise:

– key workers.
– those with close ties to the Lambeth area.
– people currently living in Co-ops looking for a transfer.
– individuals, couples and families living on a low income.
– those in housing need.
– those whose average income rules out local private renting.


As a housing Co-op we rely on the input and volunteer work of our members so you would be expected to participate in regular meetings and decision making. We have several Committees: Management, Finance and Maintenance, Allocations, Participation and Development.

Any prospective new member would need to:

– Agree to a home visit so your current living circumstances can be assessed by Ekarro Co-op members.
– Be able to provide 2 references from either a job or a current housing situation.
– Provide proof of right to remain in the U.K.

Also worth knowing:

– As a Co-op member you would not have any Right to Buy.

– All our properties fall under the umbrella of social housing so you would not be eligible for housing if you own or part own property elsewhere.
– You would be expected to decorate and maintain your property to good standard.
– As a Co-op we do not tolerate anti-social behaviour and expect all of our members to establish good relationships with the other members.

When applying to our register you should continue your housing search elsewhere and if you are or about to become homeless, you should contact your local authority straightaway.

To apply to our register, please email us your contact details along with the size of the property you would like to be considered for: joinus@ekarro.org.uk.

Thank you for your interest and good luck with your search for a new home!