Newsletter- May 2017

We are happy to release Ekarro new website. It’s been a long time coming and there is still further work to be done but it will soon become a central location where Ekarro residents can get information on what is occurring within Ekarro and externally.

I do hope you find it helpful. So, what happening

 Bathroom Programme

A Bathroom Committee has been formed and they have:

  • Drafted a list of standard components that will go into each bathroom – Shortly, further information will be provided on what will be in the bathroom
  • Planning to view a recommend bathroom suits
  • Employed a consultant who will manage the programme
  • Drafted list of properties for inspection and where the first bathrooms will be installed: Bonington Square, Vauxhall Grove, Irving Grove,


Universal Credit

The Stockwell, Brixton and Kennington Park  Jobs Centre is now assessing claimants for Universal Credit. This will affect you benefit and Housing benefits.

please read:

Further explanation of Universal credits:


Events taking place in Lambeth this month

Here is a selection of the events taking place in Lambeth :